The vision of Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. is a culture of girls who grow up to be healthy and productive women who embrace and appreciate their self-worth through Christian values.


The mission of Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. is to empower girls through Christian values to discover, embrace and appreciate their self-worth leading to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Target Audience: At-Risk and Underserved Middle and High School Girls

Y.E.S. Programs consists of the following:

  • monthly small-group sessions, activities and events
  • parenting support sessions
  • adult and peer mentoring
  • school and community presentations

Why do we target girls?

Interventions are different for girls than for boys, and girls in particular can experience a lack of self-efficacy and feelings of not being unique. Many girls are dealing with gender-specific issues such as poor-self esteem, stereotyping, and sexual and mental abuse.

A study by the US Department of Justice Girls Study Group Report indicates that girls experience higher rates of mental and health problems that are linked to life stressors and experiences of victimization and depression. The feeling of uniqueness and connections through healthy relationships empowers girls to develop healthy minds, spirits and bodies. This study also reveals that many girls today enter puberty at an early age which can be associated with them having an adult boyfriend who may involve the girls in at-risk behaviors.

Why is our teaching based on Christian principles?

In May of 2013, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy published an Article entitled “Tips to Help Faith Leaders and Their Communities Address Teen Pregnancy.” It stated that research shows that religious faith and a strong moral sense play important roles in protecting young people from teen pregnancy and other risky behavior.


  • Empower girls to foster their self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-respect by offering life-changing and thought-provoking programs and activities.
  • Empower girls to set positive life goals and chart paths to a healthy and productive lifestyle by surrounding them with positive adult and peer motivation and mentoring.
  • Empower girls to graduate from high school and pursue a college education or training by offering them activates such as college tours.
  • Empower girls foster their social and emotional well- being by offering them skills and tools to communicate effectively with peers, parents, and other adults.
  • Empowering girls to learn how to “give back” by offering them community service opportunities.
  • Empower parents and care-givers through a support network to lead and guide girls to a healthy and productive lifestyle.
  • Empower communities to improve the well-being of girls through collaborating and networking.

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