Director’s Biography

Executive Director Roslin J. Fields

Executive Director
Roslin J. Fields

Teacher, pioneer, motivator, mentor, friend are just a few of the adjectives that describe Roslin J. Fields. This mother, retired middle school teacher, founder and executive director of Youth Empowerment Services, Inc., (Y.E.S.), leads an incredibly busy, but purposeful life. Friends and colleagues marvel at her energy and enthusiasm. Few desire to walk in her shoes.

Ms. Fields was born and raised in the inner city of Charleston. She is an only child and credits, her mother for teaching her the values of being a servant. Together, Ms. Fields and her mother served as foster parents to a host of children in the tri-county. Ms. Fields has one adult daughter and two grand children.

Ms. Fields, M. Ed., a graduate of South Carolina State College and The Citadel, was an accomplished middle school teacher and received many accolades and recognition for her dedicated service in the public school system. After 28 years in the classroom, she retired to serve full time as the executive director of Youth Empowerment Services which was incorporated in 1998. Because of her passion for empowering youth, Ms. Fields is the recipient of various community service awards. She was presented with the key to the city of North Charleston in the year 2000. Ms. Fields speaks extensively throughout the community and beyond on youth empowerment.

Thousands of youth between the ages of 9 to 19 have this organization to thank for playing a major role in providing planned activities that encourage and promote wise and healthy decision-making, leadership skills, peer mentoring, community service and fun. The participants come from various communities throughout the tri-county, the faith-based community, other organizations and schools to form their very own closely knit community of spirited teens.

Ultimately, Ms. Fields would like to reach the masses of young people who have not yet been told the benefits and joy of making thoughtful decisions concerning their bodies, relationships, and the future.

Her vision is to plant seeds of greatness, self-love, and courage among the youth with whom she works. Her motto in life is “The way to live a full life is to empty ourselves of the treasures God has placed within us.”