“My experience was awesome…I bonded with my sisters and mom, and auntie more.” – 6th Grade Girl

“My overall experience was great! I loved everything about this conference…it was really great. I really needed this conference for my self-esteem, and made me feel more confident about myself.” – 7th Grade Girl

“My overall experience was learning about how important I am, how not to listen to the opinions of others. I am beautiful, I am not a statistic, I can do anything I set my mind to, and I can be anything.” – 8th Grade Girl

“It opened my eyes to so much because before this my self-esteem was low, now walking away I feel better about myself.” – 8th Grade Girl

“Don’t let anyone ruin your dreams. If anyone isn’t willing to wait on you…they aren’t for you. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do it…Prove them wrong!!” – 8th Grade Girl

“It was a great experience it changed my perspective on boys, school, and my life.” – 9th Grade Girl

“It was very empowering, the topics was intense, leaving me to really think about my decisions.” – 9th Grade Girl

“I learned today how to love myself more and keep up with my faith in the Lord.” – 10th Grade Girl

“I loved it. It was very nice to relate to other people’s stories and know that others went through, and overcame.” – 11th Grade Girl

“I learned about loving who God made you and no man is worth you giving up your soul unless he puts a ring on your finger and has the pleasure to call you his wife.” – 11th Grade Girl

“I love it…I really enjoyed my class, and I really love how teenagers got up to speak out about what’s going on in their lives.” – 12th Grade Girl

“I stood up and overcame fear and said I needed help.” – 12th Grade Girl

“This is an awesome way to reach the minds and hearts of young girls who are silently struggling with issues which are not properly or appropriately addressed in…home, schools and…churches.” – Adult

“Life changing and eye opening for my daughter.” – Adult

“The atmosphere is so positive…Resources for girls!!” – Adult

“Well planned and a lot to offer for the price.” – Adult

“My child took in things I have tried to teach her before.” – Adult

“It was an amazing experience. Thank you for hard work and dedication that went into planning and executing this timely and age-appropriate event.” – Adult

“It was great information that needs to be spread to young girls everywhere.” – Adult

“Today extremely exceeded my expectations! This was amazing…I hope to bring 70 young ladies next year.” – Adult

“My daughter was so empowered and excited to share all she learned with her peers.” – Adult