Worth Beyond Measure™

Youth Empowerment Services is currently scheduling presentations for our Worth Beyond Measure™ community outreach program.

Worth Beyond Measure™ is a powerful Bible-based interactive presentation offered by Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. for middle and high school girls. The presentation is designed to empower girls to see themselves through the eyes of God and to teach them the spiritual, emotional and physical advantages of a lifestyle of sexual purity based on Christian Principles. Girls will be encouraged to remain abstinent until marriage or to embrace a lifestyle of second virginity if they are not virgins. The girls will be engaged in clear, straight-forward and non-judgmental discussions and activities. The interactive sessions include role plays, testimonies, open discussions, games, prizes, videos, purity affirmations, prayer and opportunities to accept Christ. Girls will leave knowing that God loves and accepts them and that their worth is beyond measure.

The entire presentation is approximately 2 1/2hours.

To help cover cost of printing, materials, etc, Y.E.S. would appreciate a donation of at least $5.00 per participant in the presentation. All donations are tax-deductible. Please make checks payable to Youth Empowerment Services.

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