Since 1999, Youth Empowerment Services (Y.E.S.) has been serving youths in the Tri-county who are most disenfranchised by empowering them to avoid at-risk behaviors such as violence, drugs, dropping out of school and teen pregnancy. We can’t afford to stop now as the testimonies below say so.

“The values I learned through the YES program kept me grounded and focused while in college, helping me to successfully graduate.”

~ Y.E.S. Mentor

“My (adult) daughter is still a virgin today, and she attributes this to having gone through your abstinence program.”

~ Parent

“These programs made me think about the things that I am doing that I know are not good for me.”

~ High School Girl

“After being in this program, I want to wear a purity ring until I get married.”

~ Middle School Girl

“This has changed my life. It is really hard out there. But when I leave here, after the summer, I’m going back to school with a new attitude!”

~ Y.E.S youth

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